Kosal Khiev and Fiona Mahurin Collaboration


Fiona Mahurin, Kosal Khiev

The face sculpture and spoken word recordings, exhibited at CAMBODIA: DROP BY DROP YOU WILL FEEL THE WATER, together represent the beginning of a collaboration between Fiona Mahurin and Khmer Exiled American poet, Kosal Khiev that will touch on themes of absence, identity, walls and borders, and technological pathways to publicly address the unjust policies and practices produced by the U.S. immigration and prison systems, by way of collaborative art making, storytelling, and spoken word.

Khiev was deported to Cambodia in 2012 under a repatriation agreement signed in March 2002, whereby the U.S. held secret negotiations with Cambodia and pressured the country through threats and bribery to permit entry of ten deportees per month. Today, the removal processes of Cambodian refugees is a systematic operation taking individuals, who have already served time within U.S. borders, away from their families, their children, and their communities without considering individual cases before a trial. Born in a refugee camp in Thailand, and having never left the U.S. since he arrived at Khiev’s deportation order was the first time he entered Cambodia.


Why I Write
Masahiro Sugano, Kosal Khiev

Why I Write is the first episode of Verses in Exile, a spoken word video series produced by Studio Revolt in collaboration with Khmer Exiled American poet, Khiev Kosal. Through his poetry, Kosal reclaims his place in the world as a free man— a step that begins in Cambodia, not America.

In the works, is a feature length documentary, Cambodian Son.

Studio Revolt is a Collaborative Media Lab: Studio-Revolt.com


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