A smile is a smile in Phnom Penh and New York

A series of moments that resulted in intimate and at times emotional discussions about art, design and urban life ranging from personal experiences lived, to collective ones shared by all of us. Experiences that will forever change all of our lives, having been exposed to a reality that may seem crude and distant because it seems like it has nothing to do with us, but ends up being quite the opposite because it is about the same issues, that compose and describe the very urban fabric of the situations and urban landscapes in which we live in.

The finding of a common language spoken by everyone was evident, the language of being a human being in a modern and multi-diverse society. It’s projects like these that provide an opportunity for people to experience different cultures while making a difference by contributing to an urban-life discussion; hopefully inspiring and empowering people confronted by their situations, to acquire self-confidence, to set goals, and to obtain the necessary abilities to reach them. “New York City has a lot to learn from our Cambodian fellows”, said Professor Brian McGrath. I was personally inspired and motivated by Than Sok, an amazing artist and person whose work touches people on a personal level, while celebrating the phenomena of the everyday life in Phnom Penh. As a class, friendships were established and our conceptual geo-bodies have grown along with our understanding of the world, through art and culture in Phnom Penh and New York, here is the proof:



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