I cow & you bull


My Favourite Couple

Global exchange was a truly enlightening experience. One I could have never expected without all the key players involved. The concept of making connections using whatever medium possible was a challenge yet a successful endeavour. Meeting for the first time my Cambodian fellow was such an honour. To be able to see the beautiful performance by the ensemble was an experience I will always cherish. These are experiences that are planned for but I never expected this from an elective- to have a real global exchange. I have learned a lot about passion and dedication from each and every one of my colleagues here in New York and my new found connections in Cambodia.

As for my fellow, I couldn’t have been more humbled by her presence and brilliant smile. Meeting Veasna and working with her was a great pleasure. We shared hugs and laughs as though we’d known each other prior to. I can’t say this is exactly typical but it was definitely a feeling that was mutually shared by us. This same sentiment I shared with many of the other artists and fellows such as Lyno. The organization of the exchange couldn’t have been better programmed. Kim, Brian, Hannah et al, harmoniously managed and pulled together the groups and it was truly evident during the symposium.  I enjoyed the vernacular and uncurated form the deliberations took. It was great to see our guests (Cambodian artists and fellows) work through their frustrations and realisations for the symposium and represent their thoughts and feelings. The level of teamwork and dedication they shared was very inspiring. It was a pleasure to work with the artists, couples, organisers, teachers, fellows and classmates. I am certain to maintain contact through the very same means we began with.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.


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