The exchange of seasons of Cambodia was a great initiative and has achieved its beautiful goal to create a larger platform for the Cambodian art-scene here in New York and elsewhere.  I am sure that for these artists this was an even more unforgettable experience than for me. I enjoyed the weeks of preparing and getting into the culture a lot. At the start of the engagement with the artist I struggled a bit with a contradiction between the facilitating aspect of being a host to New York and the compulsory part of it being an elective course for which we had to produce a guide to New York. Because my artist Chankethya  Chey was so busy it was too difficult to interact and produce something personal for her.  This created the struggle. At the end Shirley and I produced something what we personally found interesting as a guide to New York and I am very happy with the result. When the artists arrived and I got to see some of their performances, which I enjoyed a lot, I started to understand better the necessity of this kind of intercultural festivals. Now it motivates me to explore more cultures and more different arts then the obvious you find everywhere.

Thanks for everything



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