I’m not sure, for sure.

Still I’m not sure of what I’ve achieved in these four months. I joined the class with no idea. I thought I want to test something different of what I’m used to, and so I did. It could be said Global Exchange Cambodia to me it has been a sort of crash test. And I was the crash test dummy. Interesting, challenging, exciting. But as well painful. During these months I argued a lot with myself, questioning about my past and my future. My past because I fished out back again something I thought was left back behind, that is comics. My future because there has been times I wasn’t sure anymore whether I was more architect or cartoonist. I found that there’s no answer, and there must not be. I’m not my faculty, nor my job nor my interests. Why limit ourselves in a tag? Tags are no good to me, they are for blog posts. Surely it has been a pity I couldn’t get much in contact with Sèra, but on the other hand I had the chance to be in touch with Ben Katchor. Thanks to him I got the blink. Thanks to Brian as well he was the first encouraging me to keep on going in this track, me being scared as hell and not that confident with myself in first place. To me this experience is not finished yet, actually is barely started.

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