Global Exchange is a forum to collaboratively identify, study, and create theories,
methods, and tools combining art, architecture, social science and media studies that
would enrich the production of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural knowledge in an era
of rapid urbanization and globalization.

During the spring semester of 2013, The New School will feature multiple curricular,
public programs, gatherings, field work and pop-up exhibits that will engage in dialogue
between artists and urbanists from Phnom Penh, Cambodia and New York City about
the role art and culture can play in the future design and development of the two cities,
especially in the contexts of displacement and commodification of art and cultural
production. The course will run in parallel with Season of Cambodia, a major arts
festival organized by Cambodian Living Arts to be held in New York City between April
13 and May 4, 2013. Over 125 Cambodian performing and visual artists will fill New York
City’s stages, screens, galleries, and public spaces in partnership with New York’s most
vibrant cultural institutions, such as BAM, Joyce Theater, Film Society at Lincoln Center,
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rubin Art Museum, and Asia Society.

The festival will be a unique pedagogical opportunity for The New School to contribute to
ongoing discussions about arts education and production, design and city development,
and urban life in direct dialogue with Cambodian and New York artists, curators and
cultural institutions participating in the festival. The partnership with Cambodian Living
Arts follows four years of reciprocal visits and discussions about framing the festival
around the larger transformative capacity of art and design practices in city development
The Living Arts City. Global Exchange will provide a forum for events, artifacts and
information and a context in which people from New York and Phnom Penh can share
stories of the past and visions of the future for the two cities.

The goal of the seminar is to develop transdisciplinary skills culled from art, architecture,
urbanism, the social sciences and media design technologies. Central to the course are
informal learning experiences beyond the classroom at the intersections of art, design,
management, policy, media, social science, and performance. The seminar will
prototype an open knowledge production framework, where students from various
programs can work collaboratively on engaging the artist, practices, or sites of their

Students will be asked to both introduce visiting artists to aspects of New York City that
pertain to their interest, and to prepare a contextual understanding of the Cambodian
context for New York audiences.

Parsons the New School for Design
Spring 2013, W 15:50-18:30, E302
Brian McGrath, Associate Professor of Urban Design
Kimberly Tate, Part-Time Faculty

See the complete syllabus here


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