Course Outline

The course is comprised of three movements:

1. Geo-Bodies of Knowledge
2. New York Living Art City: A Users Guide
3. Phnom Penh Living Art City: Designing the Future

Course Structure

FINDING COMMON GROUND.The first third of the course will focus on what each
of us bring to the course in terms of our personal histories and experiences around
the issues of art, design and urban life, and how we might personally engage in an
exchange with visiting artists from Cambodia. We will explore the urban issues brought
forth by the artists of Season of Cambodia and reflect on art and culture as drivers of
urban development for case studies closer to home. We will use remote technologies –
facebook, skype, etc. to engage in an exchange with the Cambodian artists.

January 30: Class Introduction
Assignment 1:Geo-body of you and a visiting artist (begin in class)
Reading (for next week): Geo-body of a Nation

February 6: A Personal Handle
In class: Pechakucha:

February 13:Finding Common Ground
In class:
Out of class: Skype meeting

February 20: Remote Exchange
Reading for next week: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

February 27: Global Exchange: Geo-Body of work and knowledge
Pin up. Discussion

BUILDING A BRIDGE. The second third of the course will focus on creating custom
“user guides” to New York as a “Living Art City” for each artist, something that will give
them a deeper sense of what it takes to create art in New York. Pooling our diverse
fields of expertise, we will develop tools of translation, critical methods of exchange and
survey relevant local resources using the Living Art City theme.

March 6: Framing the users guide to art in New York City
In class: Field guide format brainstorming with Julia Knight from apexart
Readings: Wandering in the City

March 13:
Pin up: users guide progress, Feedback and inspiration from Jane Pirone

March 20: Civic Action, visit to WXY studios.

April 3: Transdisciplinary Test Drive with Janet, Bridget and Rashid and A Guide to Cambodia by Pagna and Set Pheap.

Submission: Users Guide

April 6 and 7: Panel and workshop 1: Face to face
Deliverable: Poster for symposium

ENGAGING IN EXCHANGE. The final third of the course will focus on the Season of
Cambodia Festival, and includes participation in two public events on April 7 and May
4. These events will replace the last two classes of the semester. Participation at other
Season of Cambodia events is highly encouraged and we will be documenting our
participation on the blog and with tools and methods developed in class. Visiting artists from Cambodia will engage the class face to face.  Work for the course will mainly consist of urban wandering experiments, documentation and blog posts.

The schedules below include visits arranged for the visiting artists and fellows. 

April 10: 

10am-1pm — Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District 

In Class: Workshop on Diamond/Governor’s Island with Lim Sokchanlina and artists – Exhibit Opening

April 11:  Dance performance: A Bend in the River

April 17: 

10am-1pm — Abrons Arts Center (dance) Amitra, Henry Street Settlement (community based residency program) 

In Class: Working session with fellows and visiting artists

April 24:

10am-1pm — Fourth Arts Block and LaMama, etc. 

In class: Kim presents her Masters thesis and discusses work with CR Studio work with Arts@Renaissance. Guests: Chris Henderson and Jon Dreyfous

May 1:

10-1pm — Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, production spaces and arts council

In class: Advocacy, mobility. Preparation for panel. Guest: Pete Pin.

May 4: Panel and workshop 2: Preparing to return

May 15: Remote submission of comprehensive documentation of exchange.


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